Olfactory atmosphere : Diffuse your home fragrances

Unify your sensory universe.
Create an emotional relationship with the customer.


Create your own olfactory imprint.

Build customer loyalty.

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Boost your sales by offering
a unique shopping experience

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Make a lasting impression with olfactory marketing

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Increase customer satisfaction

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Immerse your customers in your multi-sensory world

A turnkey fragrance


Customized for professional use.


Plug and play

Our olfactory solution installs in seconds.


A single interface for all your establishments

Control an entire fleet of olfactory diffusers, or operate each device separately.


Real-time control

Control the intensity of your diffusers and instantly check the fragrance level of your appliances.



Create your own olfactory signature or choose a fragrance from our extensive catalogue.



A catalogue of dozens of fragrances.

Create your



From perfume selection to diffusion, Deepidoo can help you design your olfactory universe.

We work with you to design the best creating solution for the olfactory experience in your establishments.
It’s a great way to recall an encounter, or take a trip down memory lane.

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Diffuse fragrances that suits your establishments to leave an impression on your visitors

We offer a range of fragrances for every world, every place and every brand. Chypre, citrus, woody, floral, aromatic… imagine the fragrance that suits you.

We’ll work with you and advise you on the choice of notes on the olfactory pyramid to create the fragrance that best reflects your brand DNA.


Control fragrance diffusion with ease.

For one or hundreds of establishments.

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Take control.

Of a whole fleet of olfactory diffusers, or control each device separately.


Check in real time

Keep an eye on the fragrance levels of your appliances and renew stocks directly from the platform.


Your labels.
Your tags.

Tag your media, devices or shops for quick use.


Adapt your broadcast.

Create your own olfactory diaries and plan the intensity of your scents in a schedule.




With all types of diffusers.

Depending on your space, we’ll design your olfactory journey.
Thanks to our connected diffusion system, you can give each diffuser a different role, to guide your customers on a unique sensory journey.

We’ve got
a diffuser
for you.

Whatever the size of your establishment, we have a diffuser to suit your needs.

Whether it’s free-standing, wall-mounted or integrated directly into the air conditioning system, we can help you choose your diffuser.

Connected by WiFi and controllable via our platform, our diffusers can be installed by simply plugging them in.

Are you looking for a new solution that will adapt to your needs?

Our fragrance diffusers

Free-standing diffusers


With their unique, compact design, these fragrance and essential oil diffusers stand alone on the floor. Thanks to their mood lamp, they will bring a warm touch to the room, as well as being silent and pleasant.
They come with a Bluetooth application.
They are ideal for creating olfactory breakthrough zones, creating a genuine olfactory journey for the customer.

Wall diffusers


With their sleek metal design, wall-mounted fragrance diffusers can be placed on the floor or fixed to a wall.

They offer a practical solution for discreetly and effectively perfume a space.
Available in a range of colours, they’ll blend perfectly into your interiors for the ultimate olfactory experience.
They have a small touch screen and a connected application.

Air conditioning diffusers


Air-conditioning diffusers are designed to spread fragrances into the air while being integrated into an air-conditioning system, making them invisible.
They combine the functions of a fragrance diffuser and an air conditioner to create a pleasant, refreshing olfactory atmosphere.

They diffuse over the entire chosen space (without a break), adding a sensory dimension to the customer experience by creating a pleasant atmosphere and stimulating the senses with the fragrances of your choice.
Their touch screen and large loading capacity make them easy to use.


Fully connectable and programmable.

Our solution can be integrated with your business tools to automate fragrance diffusion and intensity.

Link your information system to our API to adapt the delivery of your fragrances.

Add intelligence to your marketing campaigns: adapt the intensity of distribution according to internal events.

Trigger :
Large crowds
Supported data

Our API processes information

Which manages the settings
broadcasts of


The result is a tailored distribution system. Diffusers increase diffusion so that customers get the best feel of the fragrance.

They use Deepiscent


Sound identity



Olfactory ambience