Deepisound App :

Broadcast your music without the need for a connection!

Discover our brand new music streaming solution, Deepisound App.

Simply download our app onto a computer, tablet or smartphone connected to an amplifier.

Compatible with Windows, Android, macOS and iOS.

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Deepisound App

Control your music with ease

1. Go to PLAY by Deepidoo

Create and programme your playlists on PLAY by Deepidoo, our intuitive platform.

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Deepisound App - Stores

2. Download Deepisound App on stores

Simply download the Deepisound application onto your IT equipment (computer, tablet, phone) connected to your audio devices.

3. Follow your broadcast from the app interface

From Deepisound App,you can :

  • Starting and stopping your sound schedule
  • View the title, artist, cover art, duration and playlist of the song currently playing and the next one to come.
  • View the title of the audio message currently being broadcast


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A cost-effective, reliable and secure music management solution


Deepisound App is a cost-effective solution for managing your in-store music environment.


With reduced deployment costs, no physical hardware to install means simplified, hassle-free implementation.


Deepisound App’s intuitive user interface ensures an error-free in-store experience, allowing music programming to be followed without accidental changes.


Accessibility is another major advantage of the Deepisound App. Its extensive compatibility with the majority of operating systems ensures effortless integration with all the devices in your shop.


What’s more, safety is not forgotten either. Installed on your network, Deepisound App adheres to a rigorous flow matrix, ensuring that all computer data transmitted remains secure.


En matière de fiabilité, Deepisound App se distingue en stockant vos playlists directement en mémoire, évitant ainsi les aléas du streaming. Cela signifie que même en cas de déconnexion du matériel du réseau, la continuité de votre ambiance musicale est assurée sans interruption ni coupure.

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