PLAY, your
broadcast software. creation software. programming software. music software. display software. perfume software.

Our SaaS platform allows you to manage, control and play your content remotely and in real time : 

sounds, videos & fragrances.


by Deepidoo

A dedicated solution
for the customer experience.

Our Saas, PLAY by Deepidoo, makes easy to manage :

Your entire fleet,
Broadcast schedules,
Each device separately,

All in just a few clicks.

icon_tags_deepidooCreate your
own hierarchy
Create your own tags icon_tags_deepidoo
icon_tags_deepidooProgram a year worth of content

Offer a unified and memorable experience to your customers

Manage your entire customer experience from a single platform.
Music and sound, olfactory marketing and digital signage are all combined in the same solution for maximum efficiency and control.

A solution
complete and powerful.

Music playlists, visual creation, dynamic widgets, broadcast statistics, proactive supervision…

Our platform adapts to all professional needs.

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An intuitive solution.

In 3 key stages.


Create your content.


Program them.


Spread the word.


Fully connectable and programmable.

Use the trigger of your choice to automate and control the distribution of your content.

We connect to your business software to trigger the transmission of the content of your choice, delivering the right message at the right time.


Trigger :
The weather

Supported data


Our API processes
the information


Which is sent to the corresponding shops


The result is a tailored distribution system. Screens display the right content at the right time

Broadcast technologies


The Deepibox is a connected microcomputer with on-board technology.

The benefits:
Autonomy: continuous broadcasting, even in the event of an Internet blackout
Reliability: automatic synchronisation and wired connections
Storage space (30 GB)
Plug & Play

The application

The application can be downloaded to your computer, phone or tablet.

The benefits:
Limited deployment costs
Simple interface


The SoC or “System on Chip” allows you to have all the functions of our Deepiscreen solution directly on your screens, without the need for an external box.

The benefits:
Fast processing
Better rendering
Reduced risk of breakdown
Reduced installation costs


Olfactive diffusers are directly controllable from the PLAY by Deepidoo application

The benefits:
Completely independent
Remote control

Our options

Live !

Take control of your screens live from your tablet or smartphone.

The screen: the ideal sales medium to support an argument, offer a demonstration or illustrate an example. This option allows you to interrupt a video loop during playback, in order to play the content of your choice. From a tablet or smartphone, project video content or an image onto the selected screen. Modernise your customer support and advice!

Menu board

Out of stock, price change, special menu, happy hour, promo…
Update your display in real time.

Use the Menu Board option to create your own visuals, prices and promotions…
and modify them in a matter of seconds!

Thanks to a dynamic menu, you can provide your customers with all the information they need to make decisions more easily and take the pressure off your teams. Manage your stock in real time, change your prices in the blink of an eye, inform your customers instantly… all directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Coordinated display

Broadcast the same content across multiple screens, without the need for a cable.

Coordinated display makes it possible to synchronise several screens by simultaneously modifying their content, to create an immersive experience. Coordinated display is directly accessible to add impact into your screens

DTT channel

Enjoy all the free DTT channels on your screens.

Broadcast on your screens the news of your choice, a programme, a sporting event, or any available programme to entertain your customers and liven up your public areas.

Social Wall

Stream your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds to your screens.

Connect with your community. Stimulate customer interaction and increase your visibility on networks.
Share your key posts to support your partners and launch campaigns! Your Social Wall is linked directly to your network accounts. So you’re in full control of how your posts are displayed!

Template Master

Keep control of your brand identity by authorising or restricting modifications to your models.

This option allows you to impose the use or location of a widget on your subordinate organisations (N-1).
When creating a template, use the advanced widget management options :


templates master padlock

This button is used to force the widget to be used at level N-1: the user will not be able to remove the widget.


This button locks the position of the widget. Its content can be modified, but its location on the template is fixed.

Template User

Limit the platform to a single function: template modification.

This option allows you to guarantee a respected brand identity from A to Z, from branding decisions at head office right through to the field. This means that a local user can customise his or her display without changing the graphic charter established by head office.


Keep an eye on your fleet and control distribution

Thanks to monitoring, you can have all your fleet’s data at your fingertips. The number of connections, disconnections, broadcasts, the distribution of your solutions and much more. With this option you can :

– Keep you informed about the state of your fleet, by choosing your own control criteria via the filters.
– Create your own tickets and track their progress and our actions in real time.