your sound
and musical


Improve the customer journey
Increase your sales.

Musical atmosphere


Groupe 1243

Boost your sales by creating a unique buying experience with sound marketing.


Inform, direct and welcome
your customers through sound, with a soundtrack that reflects you.


Build loyalty


Control the perception
of your brand by creating your own sound identity.

the music
to your brand.

Immerse your customers in your world.

A turnkey
music service.

For professionals.


Plug and play

Our audio
solution can be install
in seconds.


Centralised real-time control

of your sound environment from a single platform.



Tens of thousands of tracks available, plus ready-to-use themed playlists.



What music should you play?
How do you create your sound DNA?
We’ve got your back!



Sound diffusion software tailored
to professional needs.

A team with a passion for music.

From installation to maintenance
Deepidoo can help you design
your sound universe.

We work with you to design the best solution for creating the sound experience in your establishments.


Our support is based on listening and understanding your project. Deepidoo offers so much more than just music streaming !

Take advantage of our expertise to create the ideal sound universe for you : equipment recommendations, artistic support, programming your playlists, sound messages interpreted by actors.

Musical Identity

A rich musical catalogue.


+ 30,000 titles

From must-sees to hidden gems


New tracks and new playlists every month


Modify your broadcasts in real time


Retail, Foodservice… ready-to-use environments


Create or let us create your ambient sound playlists


Check out the top tracks on France’s leading radio stations

Sound Identity


Sound logo

We can create your sound signature of 3 to 5 seconds.


Audio messages

Working with our network of voice actors, our studio designs your messages.


Telephone hold

Music and vocals :
Welcome message
Answering machine

Discover our soundscapes


Enjoy a moment of gentle relaxation

Happy hour

A warm afterwork atmosphere


Go go go !

Control your music with ease.

For one or hundreds of establishments.

Tailor-made musical atmosphere, effective sound messages.
What if you were the conductor of your own brand?





Manage your music and announcements from a single platform.

Dozens of ready-to-use playlists, enhanced every month.
You can also add your own songs or sound messages.


Plan your music and adverts with ease.

Dozens of ready-to-use playlists, enhanced every month.
Create your own time slots, to reflect your peaks of activity, your events or motivate your teams!


Your labels.
Your tags.

Tag your media, devices or shops for quick use.

Easily stream to multiple devices at the same time.

In just a few clicks, broadcast your program to all the establishments of your choice.
Create several musical atmosphere within the same point of sale. You can also add your own songs or sound messages.




Stream simply,
on all types of sound equipment.

Deepidoo will help you with your music and sound project from A to Z : choosing your broadcasting equipment, creating your playlists and/or sound messages, installing equipment on site, taking over existing equipment.

Choose your integration method and let us guide you.

Do you already own sound diffusion equipment?

The Deepibox, our Plug & Play box, lets you keep your current equipment while benefiting from all the features of PLAY by Deepidoo.

Installation takes just a few seconds,
by connecting this player to your speakers or amplifiers.

Are you looking for a new soundscape solution that
fits in with your existing equipment?

Our sound systems

From analogue to digital audio, Deepidoo offers a wide range
of professional sound equipment for all types of venue.

Ceiling speakers


Ceiling speakers blend harmoniously into the décor of the room, offering a discreet solution for broadcasting music, announcements, conferences or any other audio content. They will give your customers a pleasant and immersive listening experience.
Depending on the project, we can offer in-ceiling speakers for even greater discretion.

Benefits :

Quality sound reproduction
Directional downward sound for broad, balanced sound coverage

Wall-mounted speakers


Specially designed to be wall-mounted, wall-mounted speakers offer a practical and aesthetic solution for broadcasting sound.
They can be installed at different heights, and be embedded, according to your preferences and needs, offering you a real space saving.

Benefits :

Faithful reproduction of different sound frequencies
Immersive, high-quality listening experience
Forward directional sound for precise sound coverage

Single or multi-zone amplifier


We can recommend amplifiers and pre-amplifiers with the power and number of zones to suit your project.
If you want to deliver professional sound to several different areas of a room, multi-zone amplifiers are the perfect solution.
As integrators, we also take care of the cabling.

Benefits :

Highly flexible and customisable
Multiple output channels, each dedicated to a specific zone or room
Independent control of volume and audio source for each zone


Fully connectable and programmable.

Our solution can be integrated with your business tools to automate changes to playlists and announcements.

Link your information system to our API to automate the broadcasting of your audio messages and announcements.

Add intelligence to your marketing campaigns: set up events to automate your messages or soundscape.


Trigger :
Closing time

Supported data


Our API processes


Which is sent to the corresponding shops

Capture d’écran 2023-12-25 à 21.55.26

Closing time

Result: an audible message at just the right moment, a few minutes before shop closing time.

They use Deepisound


Dynamic display


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Olfactory ambience